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nairobi2Faith Group Investment Club was established in April 2012 by the founders who had individually visited Kenya and seen the attractive investment opportunities that could be undertaken with availability of resources. These individuals however realized that it was challenging for them to access credit because although they are Kenyans, they work and conduct their businesses in the USA hence have little or no credit history or regular banking records in Kenya to enable Bankers determine their credit worthiness. Because the founders were determined to continue participating in nation building and wanted to broaden their investment portfolio, they resolved to pursue that goal by pooling their resources.  That resolve midwifed Faith Group Investment Club popularly known as FGIC.


To provide members with resources and mobilization ideas and empower them take advantage of investment opportunities in Kenya in line with the Jubilee Government manifesto, vision 2030 and the changing economic environment.images (1)


Faith Group Investment Club is a self-help club that is registered with the Ministry of Cooperative to economically empower member Kenyans from the Diaspora to access credit facilities and to invest in income generating projects that will speed up their resettling back to Kenya.

FGIC is focused on Member Satisfaction, assisting them build wealth, gradual resettlement back to Kenya. Our organization will eventually recruit non-members and offer them credit at competitive market interest rates. FGIC will also partner with NGO and financial institutions including NAIROBI-BUSINESSES IN NAIROBIcommercial banks to avail resources to members and non-members fund projects and programs that may be outside FGIC scope.  Our processes, policies, procedures and standards will continually be reviewed, revised and improved to showcase best industry practices. FGIC will respond to the needs of her internal members and will subsequently be restructured to offer services external customers.

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